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Tru-VEND® Maxi Kafe Vending Machine

Product Description

Machines that pay their own installments, tea and coffee vending machines! Hot drink vending machine Maxi Cafe with its superior features and 18 different beverage options in places with high consumption. Check out Tru-Vend Coffee Vending Machines now

Hot Drinks Vending Machine Tru-VEND® Maxi Kafe

Product Code: 869755498273


Product Uses

If your preference is to sell only hot drinks, the hot drink vending machine Maxi Kafe works in full performance with its wide range of options, durable structure and storage capacity in places where there is heavy consumption such as factories, schools, hospitals, airports, bus stations, gas stations. It prepares 18 different products with the sugar ratio you want by adjusting its cardboard glass and mixer. Tru-VEND® Maxi Kafe, which will give you much more profit in a short time when you find the right place, accepts credit cards, paper money, coins and can give change. If you want, you can also make reporting over the Internet.


Main Features and Uses

8 mixer embedded Product Canisters (coffee, sugar, tea, 3 soluble drinks i.e. apple tea, milk powder, chocolate).

6 level sugar dosage adjustment.

Compliance to International norms, CE certificate and produced under ISO 9001: 2015 QMS.

High Capacity, High Performance Microprocessor Controlled, EVA-DTS, MDB and EXECUTIVE protocols supporting Bill Validator, Change Giver, Coin Selector, Contactless Cards & Tokens (Cashless Payment Systems).

18 Different Instant Hot Drink Selections.

BITE (Built-in Test Equipment) automatically Fixing problems and/or Warning Messages on LCD and Collecting data on erroneous sales.

Programming the automatic cleaning after dispensing of specified number of drinks.

Easy programming with User Friendly English Menu Languages.

Long-Lasting Components designed specifically against calcification.

Long Lasting High Quality silent operation Water Pump drawing water from the water tank.

Ability to Dispense Hot Water with Direct Hot Water Output (Tasteless/Odorless from the Boiler to the Cup).

Easy Selection Pricing Feature.

Real Time Time/Date Function hot drink vending machine.

3.5 Liters Boiler, a special thermostat protected 220V 1800W immersion heater with proper insulation proving long life span.

OEM Production Possibilities and Custom Made Machines available for Quantity Orders (Compatible to direct control from a PC, kiosk, etc. application).

Ensures reliable operation with IR Cup Sensor.

Main water connection availability.

All components are made of ROHS compliant and NSF Certificate Human Health Friendly production materials.


High Capacity, High Performance ARM Microprocessor Controlled, EVA-DTS, MDB and EXECUTIVE protocols.

High storage capacity EEPROM enabling storage of Settings and Statistics, 32 Mbit Flash memory for keeping LOG info.

Remote Firmware Update Availability with Bootloader (via Hand Held terminal or via PC)

Easy program installation with a USB connection, cloning (dosage adjustment), software update, take logs, statistics. hot drink vending machine.


Switch Controlled Menu Entry with 4 Digit Pin Code Protection.

Robust Cabinet and Locking Mechanism providing extra strength with lockable cash box inside

Protected with Two Fuses and Door Open Switch Protection.


Easy programming with User Friendly Large Graphical LCD.

6 Level Adjustable Sugar Settings, capacitive Touch Keypad with 20 Selections.

5 High performance Mixers with Slide in Type Motor Assembly enabling easy maintenance and cleaning.

Highly corrosion-resistant galvanized sheet metal production material and Electrostatic Powder Painting.

Patented 6 line Water Divert and or Solenoid Valve enabling easy maintenance and long life span.

Special Design with 5 columns 360 paper cup capacity automatic Cup Dispenser.

Automatic Stirrer Dispenser.

LED illuminated high quality advertisement space.

Large Advertisement Space on Sides.

Available Cabinet Space for two water tanks (19 L x2) and Waste bin.

With magnet filter against limescale

Special Foamy Turkish Coffee Serving Feature.

Technical Specifications

Payment System EVA-DTS, MDB and EXECUTIVE protocols support Bill Validator, Change Giver, Coin Selector, Contactless Cards & Tokens (Cashless Payment Systems)

Cup Mechanism Capacity: ~360 Cups

Mixers: 5 Mixers

Heating: 3.5 L Boiler 1800 W Heater

Electricity Supply / Consumption 230 V – 50 Hz / ~ 1800 W

Dimensions: 57cm x 65cm x 180cm

Net Weight: 110kg

W x L x H: 60 x 55 x 180cm

 Net Weight:110kg

 Packaged dimensions:

         W x L x H: 67 x 62 x 200cm

         Desi: ***     Net Desi: ***        Net Weight: 120kg

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