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About Us

Elektral® A.Ş. was founded in 1978 by Y.Eng M. Sayıl Dinçsoy with the support of the State Planning Organization. It is a national corporation that produces over 1 million high-tech electronic devices per year in 3 facilities and a total of 20,000 m² closed area in İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone. Our company has highly integrated production facility with R&D (electronics - mechanics), electronics, mechatronics, production lines, computer-aided design production and machinery, plastic workshops. Exports constitute for 60%-70% of the production, and 90% being domestic production input.

Elektral has been producing security metal detectors since 1995 under the brand of ThruScan®, putting an end to Turkish foreign dependence for security metal detectors. We have ability to produce hardware, Mechatronics, Electronics and Defence Industry products. Elektral was proudly awarded the "STAR OF EXPORT" award, and is one of the 3 largest manufacturers for security metal detectors in the world.

Elektral has the largest production facility in the Middle East with the capability to manufacture motherboards and its parts with latest technological innovations for vending machines. We have been selected as the second main production subject since 2006 for our experience to produce highest performing microprocessors programmed with MDB protocols. MDB protocols are used for various payment mechanisms such as paper money, metal coins, cashless mechanisms etc. The microprocessors produced also work with money return/change mechanisms for vending machines. Elektral´s high investments in R&D has led to development of a diverse range of vending machines. Some of the he diverse sectors Elektral´s vending machines serve are Coffee Vending Machines, Snack (Biscuit) Vending Machines, Occupational Safety Vending Machines, Suspended Bread Vending Machine, Bagel-Poğaça Vending Machine, Newspaper Vending Machine, Ice Cream Vending Machine. . .


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To be the locomotive in metal detector and vending machine production with its innovative, researcher, developer and perfectionist management policy in every field, from production to human resources, from customer relations to market expectations, from sub-industry to technological developments, with works that will ensure maximum customer satisfaction. To be the symbol of trust with stable and high quality production in line with the changing demands in the world market and to become a brand with this understanding. To contribute more to the regional and national economy and to accelerate social development by creating more employment and added value every day.


With the principle of maximum customer satisfaction; To make production at the desired quality standards by making continuous improvement and R&D studies, and following technological innovations in order to meet the increasing and changing customer expectations. To produce human and environmentally friendly products. With product selection and production; To improve the safety of the individual, comfort, hygiene and happiness with modern and advanced technology products. To provide the best delivery and strength to our customers with the shortest delivery time and after-sales services. To increase the export power of our country, to create competition with foreign competitors, to reduce foreign dependency with different, more than 90% added value and special product options.


  • Sustainability
  • Customer Focus                           
  • Reliability
  • Honesty                           
  • Innovation  
  • Scientificity                          
  • Productivity                            
  • .
  • Respect for Society, Environment, Stakeholders and Employees

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