He loves food and has actually a huge urges

Yukito Tsukishiro (?? ??, Tsukishiro Yukito) is a figure into the CLAMP’s anime and you may manga collection Cardcaptor Sakura. Yukito are Touya Kinomoto’s boyfriend which will be the initial object away from Sakura Kinomoto’s affection.

He is brand new humanoid transform-pride off Yue, the following and you may last Guardian of the 50-five Clow/Sakura Notes in addition to their younger this new domme. Syaoran Li slots a good break to the your for a while, which is based in his subconscious mind interest so you’re able to Yue’s extremely good lunar miracle.


The fresh characters for the Yukito’s given identity (??) imply “snow-rabbit”. The characters in the surname (??) mean “moon-castle”. Chinese folklore says to from a bunny regarding the moonlight along with his alter-ego, Yue, are associated with the moonlight. Inside mention of his surname, this might even be a mention of undeniable fact that Yukito try Yue’s untrue means; essentially an excellent “castle”. Tsukishiro may also be interpreted given that tsuki (moon) and you may shiro (white).


Yukito has brown sight and you may gray hair, tend to parted privately. He has highest rounded glasses, offering him an excellent scholarly appearance. While he is often noticed in his college consistent, they can also be viewed dressed in for the everyday outfits, siti gratis incontri professionisti namely jeans and you may a great hooded sweatshirt.


Yukito’s ever present laugh try proof of their kind and you will smooth characteristics. Yukito was mellow-spoken, but appears to be quite popular. He or she is a runner to some extent, cooks, bakes, he’s a jack-of-all-trades. Tsukishiro is the object off each other Sakura and you may Syaoran’s adoration. However, it is said someplace in the 3rd year you to definitely Yukito’s correct means Yue struggles to eat. This suggests the reason Yukito has actually such as for instance a massive appetite because the he could be dining for 2. Close to the prevent of your series, it’s found you to definitely Yue was dropping their energy and there are an effective opportunity that he will go away, thus Yukito should consume 5 times as much than normal. Yukito said “I consume and you will consume and you may eat, but I am never complete. ” and you can feels extremely frail, that’s an enormous proper care with the emergency from not merely Yue however, Yukito himself.

Clow Cards Arch

While in the the majority of the newest Clow Cards arch, Yukito looked because the Touya’s pal and you will perform compliment your and you will Sakura to school. When Sakura first started their trip to recapture the cards, she went into the him a few times when you look at the section new cards had been concealing in the, or prior to she try fun to find the cards. Unusually, he failed to hunt annoyed because of the Sakura’s weird behaviour and you can perform only shrug it well, promising to save any type of she are to a key. Whether or not facing a few of the weird situations around town, the guy searched unfazed by it, probably on account of subconscious influences away from Yue. A few of the Clow cards as well as searched aware of his correct nature and you will do prevent attacking him when he is to.

As show changed therefore the Latest Judgment emerged nearer, Yue’s energy create periodically flare and you may bleed on Yukito during an entire moonlight. While you are Yukito himself was unaffected through this, they produced unusual outcomes for the the individuals up to him. Sakura passed out inside full moon in the event the couple have been towards a beneficial scavenger appear. Other protector Cerberus do periodically sense Yue, but since the Skip Mizuki possessed Moon style magic, the guy mistook the woman towards not true kind of Yue. Miss Mizuki, but not, are totally alert discover something else entirely on the Yukito, and you can would give understated hints to help you him, although the guy didn’t connect to the lady behaviour.

Sakura Card Arc

Since the a house economics investment, Sakura generated a teddy bear. It absolutely was decided that she would provide it with in order to Yukito, although not prior to Eriol Hiiragizawa helped wind up it. When Sakura passed your this new sustain, it glowed which have a red-light, after that Yukito fainted, and also the happen expanded in order to an exponential size. Sakura try obligated to alter a special card to stop they.

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