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Stationery / Book Vending Machine; A practical solution for the sale of stationery items that students need such as books, notebooks, pens and erasers. You can provide need-based service in schools, universities, libraries, stationery stores and many more. Our vending machines, which work regardless of time and place, make sales without having to wait. With the Stationery Vending Machine, you can sell not only stationery but also books for students. Our vending machine with a large product capacity provides practical and fast solutions to the needs of students.

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Food & Beverage Vending Machine Maxi Buffet For Schools

Food and Beverage Vending Machine Maxi Buffet for the solution of the student crowd in the canteens and for the controlled feeding of the students. Our vending machine, which has a great technology, provides opportunities such as controlling what their children eat, making restrictions so that they do not buy prohibited foods, with software that parents can monitor remotely. With its high product capacity, Maxi Buffet food and beverage vending machine sorts different snacks such as cakes, biscuits, chocolate and cold drinks on its shelves. There are different payment methods such as paper money, coins, card system.

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