Walk Through Metal Detectors Prices

Walk Through Metal Detectors Prices

Various terms are used for metal detectors in the industry and in daily life: Generally, terms such as height detector, magnetic door detector, weapon detector, sensitive door, xray door, gate type metal detector, metal door detector, door type metal search detector, door type body search detector. is used.

There are many suppliers in the industry. These can be classified into 3 main groups. Manufacturers, importers and importers are also divided into two: originating in Europe and USA, originating in the Far East.

Good comparison of features is necessary to get a quality door frame metal detector. After these features, the awareness and size of the company after the sale is also important. A purchased door type metal detector will be used for at least 7 years. Therefore, the allocated budget was evaluated in this direction.

Some detectors imported to our country from the Far East are bought for $250 and sold here for $800 - $1000. When evaluating door type metal detector prices, be sure to inquire about the after-sales service. In our country, many magnetic door detectors are used only as an image and cannot be paid for the price paid.

Walk through metal detectors originating from Europe and the USA are bought between $1500 and $4500 and sold to end users by adding profit. While researching metal detector prices, comparison tables must be provided.

Domestic production walk through metal body search detectors are superior in terms of both price and features. Detectors exports to many countries of the world are carried out from our country. Depending on your project, quantity and model, you can obtain the metal detector price List from us.

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