Walk Through Metal Detector

Door frame detector is a practical and safe solution used to provide security at building entrances. With the increasing events in recent years, the importance of the walk through metal detector has increased in terms of regional protection. While there are many points to be considered while purchasing a door frame detector, there is a great relationship between the metal detector to be used and the choice of place. Remember, you can perform security protection as long as you can intervene before unpleasant events occur. We mentioned that one of the most important points in choosing a door frame detector is that the detector should be suitable for the place where it will be used. In addition, the metal detector is not a device that you place only for the purpose of creating an image at the entrance. That's why we recommend that you research the manufacturer well before buying a detector. Buying from a real manufacturer with warranty and technical service will benefit you in the long run. Elektral Inc. Door frame detectors, one of the main production areas, can meet the different needs of its users. At least one of the 7 different door frame detectors we produce will be suitable for the space and sensitivity you will use. Our products perform in environmental conditions even under the most difficult working conditions and show their quality in this regard in the documents they receive from the necessary authorities.

In accordance with the area where the door frame detector will be used, the door frame detector can work for your needs in Economic - Medium Threat - High threat classes.

ThruScan s3 ve ThruScan s6:

ThruScan s3 and s6, one of our most economical models, provide much higher performance when compared to walk through metal detectors produced in the Far East, scanning with the same sensitivity from top to bottom without a dead zone. Even if it is tried to camouflage its metals in any way, it contributes to high performance by giving a warning.

ThruScan s9

The middle segment door frame detector ThruScan s9 is used by the German Ministry of Justice in German Prisons and can give an alarm regardless of the location and direction of the metal passing through it.

ThruScan sX

Our other middle segment walk through metal detector sX is a model preferred by the Ministry of National Defense, Gendarmerie and Türk Telekom units. 20 sensitivity programs and a high price / performance ratio.

ThruScan sX-i ve s27-i

Our high-threat walk through metal detectors are suitable for operation in places that require high-level security such as airports, prisons, military facilities. The door frame detector sX-i, which also meets the tender conditions of many door frame detectors, has completed many necessary documents like our other models.

 ThruScan sX-WP

If you want to use the door frame detector outdoors, the sX-WP is the walk through metal detector for your needs. With its structure that is not affected by rain, snow or water, it allows you to easily provide security outdoors.

ThruScan door frame metal detectors meet the ECAC norms, which are accepted as the world standard in the sector, and NIJ 0601-02 is one of the rare detectors that can provide sensitivity at the small object level. In addition, ThruScan walk through metal detectors can work continuously for 2 hours even without electricity and have 246 adjustable lower sensitivity levels. Considering these features when purchasing a door frame metal detector will help you get the best product.

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