Second Hand Metal Detector

As long as events that negatively affect human life such as crime and terrorism continue, our need for security is increasing day by day. Although the security guards working at the crossings make many people feel relieved in terms of their security, two important security elements such as the door frame metal detector and the hand held detector have become complementary components of our security. In addition, security guards provide access security control in crowded environments in a healthier way thanks to these metal detectors.

Sometimes, users turn to second-hand detectors by trying an alternative option at the time of purchase.

Second-hand metal detector prices may seem more appropriate to you and you may think that shopping for second-hand detectors will be more profitable. However, in the long term, the damage that second-hand detectors will cause you is highly likely. Such devices, so to speak, are expensive because of their lining.

First of all, a second-hand detector does not give you a guarantee. Since it is second hand, the sensitivity of the detector will deteriorate due to scratches and cracks on it in long-term use and it will be used for display purposes only. In addition, the sole purpose of most suppliers that sell second-hand metal detectors is to make a sale. Therefore, since you will not be able to find a contact person for second-hand detector faults, you will try to fix the second-hand detector with high costs, sometimes by bringing parts from abroad. Therefore, both your time and money will be wasted.

ThruScan Metal Detectors, produced by Elektral A.Ş., offer you a 2-year warranty, service support and walk through metal detectors and hand held metal detectors that have completed their documents from various authorities. Our technical service, which operates in every region of Turkey, also provides you with installation and usage training.

40 yılı aşkın süredir toplum konforunu sağlamak için ürettiğimiz kapı dedektörü ve el dedektörü %100 yerli üretimimizdir. Türkiye’de Jandarma, Anıtkabir, Milli Savunma Bakanlığı gibi pek çok resmi kurumun da tercihi olan ThruScan Metal Dedektörleri, 60’dan fazla ülkeye ihraç edilmektedir.

If you want to get professional support from a team of experts in metal detectors, Elektral A.Ş. provides you with affordable price options, guaranteed, after-sales services and ThruScan Metal Detectors that have completed the necessary documents. You can contact us at 0232 376 7300.

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