Is Walk Through Metal Detector Harmful for Pregnant Women?

Shopping malls, metro, ferry stations, hospitals, restaurants, entertainment venues, workplaces… These are just some of the uses of door frame metal detectors. Metal door detectors, which send various signals by identifying dangerous metal objects at building entrances, work with a magnetic field system. However, many people have question marks about whether walk through metal detectors are harmful to human health, especially those with pacemakers, children or pregnant women, due to this magnetic field and radiation.

Walk through metal detector, whose main purpose is to find metal, works by using a low frequency electromagnetic field. Yes, although this magnetic field creates reservations for many people, the rate of electromagnetic radiation emitted from door frame metal detectors is less than the amount of radiation we are exposed to daily. The magnetic field amplitude in the devices is between 0.066 and 0.007 Gauss. This value is well below 25 Gauss, which is considered the harmful threshold value for pacemakers. Think about it, otherwise, this would create a lot of problems for those who constantly travel by plane for work or for security guards. Likewise, it has been proven that walk through detectors are harmless for pregnant women as long as they are not exposed for too long.

Another issue that should not be forgotten here is that walk through metal detectors and x-ray doors can easily be confused with each other. X-Ray devices; They are devices that have the principle of working by emitting radiation. Therefore, the passage of people from x-ray devices is prohibited, and body searches of people are made only through hand detectors and door frame detectors.

Although there is no harm in walk through metal detectors, the production of door frame detectors and the reliability of the production authority is a very important point. It is an advantage for you to prefer a walk through metal detector that has obtained certificates and norms from the necessary institutions.

For 40 years, Elektral A.Ş. ThruScan walk through metal detectors, which we produce as TUBITAK, have the certificate of "There is no harm to human health" from TUBITAK. In addition, Elektral has proven its experience and quality in the field of security with many inspection reports.

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