Hand Held Metal Detector Prices

In access security, hand held metal detectors used next to door frame metal detectors offer high performance to their users with their ease of use and battery life. Hand held metal detectors provides metal control without exhibiting personal belongings. Thus, it saves time without long waiting lines.

Although small in size, the handheld detector has a large area in terms of scanning area. As Elektral A.Ş, we respond to different needs with 4 types of hand detectors we produce. Our hand detectors, which differ in terms of scanning areas, have a working principle that meets the expectations of the user. Compared to the hand detector features and hand detector prices, you can find detectors for different budgets in our factory in terms of price / performance.

In general, hand held metal detector prices are one of the most economical methods in access security.

You can find affordable hand held metal detectors of different types and features, especially since we are a manufacturer in our factory.

You may be looking for the cheapest handheld detector. However, one of the points you need to pay attention to is, does the economical handheld metal detector you choose have a warranty and technical service? The product you think is an affordable handheld metal detector may be one of the products most of which are imported from the Far East and used for display purposes only. To ensure security, you can now examine ThruScan hand detectors and find both quality and affordable hand detectors for your needs. Call us now!

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