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Today, current terrorist incidents and other social effects (uprising, coup, plane crash, explosion in the courthouse, etc.) have once again revealed that the subject of SECURITY should start from the entrance. It is important to perform a SECURITY SCAN to make areas clean and sterile. The solution in this regard is to use a Security Metal Detector. The products produced by Elektral AŞ are now obligatory to use Walk Through Metal Detector, Hand Held Detector, X-ray device at the entrance. Plastics, ceramics and special metals, which are modern threats not only to metal, but also plastic and liquid explosives should be exposed. -, magnetic and anti-magnetic metals found on persons with a sensitive door-type body search detector, by receiving an audible warning. In addition, devices that meet the criteria of ECAC (European Civil Aviation) European Civil Aviation Agency also ensure that other threat elements are found.

A door type metal body search detector reveals the suspicious substance or material it detects on the person passing through the door entrance by generating an alarm signal and an audible alarm. The approximate footprint of the Walkway Metal Detector is 90 cm wide, 60 cm deep and 230 cm high. They are devices that can be easily mounted and it is possible to use mobile. It is also convenient for security guards to use a hand-held body search detector with it. Thus, it is possible to perform a body search without using hands. When the door frame detector is difficult to carry, the portable hand-held body search detector can be used.

Metal searching alone may not be enough. X-ray device should be used for security control of incoming suspects, bags, suitcases and packages. For this, there are x-ray beam bag scanning devices that vary according to tunnel widths and features.

Sensitivity adjustment is important in a metal detector. Different alarms can be seen depending on the vertical-horizontal and speed of the metal passed here. To optimize them, it is necessary to thoroughly test the door frame detector or hand detector. It is recommended to adjust the sensitivity according to the weakest detection part. Thus, above this value, the detector gives an alarm.

In walk through metal detectors, the point location of the threat metal is determined inside the detector with multi-zone, multi-zone, overlapping coil structures, and the officer is provided to search only this area with LED lights on the side panels. The ability to separate junk metals in door detectors is also important for speed and accurate scanning. In this way, 60 people per minute can pass through the door detector. However, this number of passes is not very convincing for the detector. Because it is the value given according to not giving an alarm. In reality, 10-15 people pass a security detector per minute with an accurate and applicable job description. Of course, the sensitivity level set here increases if it is in Large Object sensitivity. Small Object sensitivity decreases. Because with small object sensitivity, the door detector will give an alarm at every point in x-y-z coordinates, even to a handcuff key.

Door frame detector and hand detector production requires expertise. In addition to knowing only the standards and conditions, it is necessary to produce a stable working safety device that is not affected by the environment and does not emit noise, in the fastest process with good physics, magnetism and advanced electronics.

In places such as Airport, Station, Pier, Sports facility, Shopping Mall, Stadium, the right alarm should be taken by eliminating non-threatening metals regardless of the location and speed of the metal. In this regard, it would be appropriate to use an advanced security metal detector. Security doors to be operated sensitively should be operated in a place where there is less electromagnetic noise, away from moving metals. The purpose of the metal detector should be learned well, and the right detector that will serve the purpose should be offered.

The attendants/operator who will work with the door frame metal detector should wait 15 seconds after turning on the device. Then a 5 minute safety test samples should be used to test the metal door. Simple instructions should be created in strategic places such as airports and prisons, and incoming people should be asked to follow these safety rules:

  1. Remove metal objects from your body and pockets. If available, remove battery-powered devices such as computers, etc. from their protective cases and put them in the xray device next to your bag.
  2. Before the Metal Body Search Detector Pass, take off the cardigan, coat, jacket and get approval from the security guard / operator to proceed to the xray device.
  3. Make sure to pass and search at a normal speed from the door type metal detector.
  4. If the metal detector warns audible and light, a detailed search should be made with the hand detector for weapons, guns, knives, cutting tools, etc. threatening objects.

By the way, walk through metal detector devices work with very low magnetic field contrary to popular belief. A mobile phone has one-tenth the magnetic field strength. There is no harm in using pacemakers and pregnant women. Even a hair dryer creates much more magnetic fields.

More detailed information on these topics can be found in ECAC – Standard 2 –Doc 30, NIJ-0601.02 and NIJ-0601.03 documents.

You can find related companies in internet searches for Security Metal Detector prices, (door and hand detector) second hand metal detector purchase or rental walk through detector. What is important here is the company's establishment, references, product options, technical specifications and security test certificates.

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