Body Search Detector

Door-type body search detectors, which work with the logic of warning by detecting small and large threatening metals, from the gun to the pin, on the person passing by according to the sensitivity settings, are considered as one of the most important elements of access security.

The door frame metal detector should be able to detect where metal is on the suspect's body with multi-zone scanning (multizone). While doing this, the target metal should be displayed both on the side panels and on the graphic area display, and the signal strength and display should change according to the size of the metal. It may be important for some places (shopping mall, airport, holding, etc.) to have in-out and alarm counters.

ThruScan high-sensitivity body search detectors offer scanning from 3 (zone) detection zones to 27 (zone) detection zones with 7 different models. ThruScan walk through metal detectors can show the metal they have detected on their side columns as a point with LED groups and alarm counters that follow each other from the bottom to the top.

ThruScan Metal Detectors, which offer different options in terms of body search detector prices, offer different price alternatives to its users with 7 types of body search detectors.

ThruScan body search detectors with 2 years warranty also provide you convenience for your maintenance and repair works with after-sales services.

Toplum huzuruna katkıda bulunmak için üst arama konusunda 40 yılı aşkın süredir faaliyet gösteren Elektral’den ThruScan metal dedektörleri, size uzun yıllar yüksek performans ile hizmet edecek kapasitededir. Uzakdoğu’dan ithal edilen üst arama dedektörlerinin aksine %100 yerli üretim olup, servis desteği ile satın alma işleminden sonra bile ihtiyacınız olduğu her an hizmetinizdedir.

The body search metal detector features are as important as its prices. At this stage, taking into account the body search detector features and references and getting support from professionals, without thinking only about prices, will make you more profitable in the long run.

High-performance ThruScan door frame body search detectors also offer you a definitive solution for body search with affordable prices. You can contact us for detailed information about body search detector features and prices.

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