Elektral Became the Star of the Sector at the Istanbul Hardware and Work Safety Fair!

Elektral Inc. As, we took our place at the Istanbul Hardware and Work Safety Fair, which is eagerly awaited in our sector. This single International Fair was a large organization with the participation of more than 300 domestic and more than 150 foreign companies. This experience was unique for both us and our visitors. While we hosted Turkey's leading brands and valuable visitors, we also held meetings with many foreign visitors from abroad.

Our Stand was the Center of Attention

Endüstri 4.0 halkasındaki inovatif ürünlerimizle, diğer katılımcılar arasında farkımızı ortaya koyduk. İş ve İşçi Güvenliği Malzemeleri’nin rahatlıkla depolanabildiği ve kontrolünün tek bir programla kolayca yapıldığı Kişisel Koruyucu Donanım Otomatı’mız dikkat çekti. İşverenlerin belirleyeceği haklar ile Kişisel Koruyucu Donanım Malzemeleri’nde %40’a varan tasarruf sağlanması, birçok işveren tarafından ilgiyle karşılandı. Sadece otomatlarımızı üretmekle kalmayıp aynı zamanda sistem yazılımlarımızı da kendimiz hazırladığımız için aynı sistemi diğer otomat çeşitlerimizde de kullanabilirsiniz. Böylelikle mola zamanlarında çalışanlarınız, kartlarına tanımlayacağınız bakiye miktarı ile otomattan hızlıca ürün alma imkanına sahip olabilirler.

One of the features that play a major role in the frequent preference of the OHS Automat is that it has a solution that will prevent employers from paying unfair workers' compensation in case of possible work accidents that may occur in factories. Thanks to the rights and control system loaded on the employees' entry cards, reporting can be done and accessed on the basis of time, person, product and department. Keeping it registered for 10 years also gives you a great advantage. In this way, you can provide the audit by including the details you want and control to what extent your employees use the security opportunities you provide.

We received many positive feedback from our guests who visited our stand, as they had the opportunity to see the features we explained closely. To get more information click here

We Take Responsibility for the Comfort of the Society

We continue to identify consumer needs and offer the best solutions with our references and nearly half a century of experience. Therefore, in addition to our products such as the PPE Vending Machine, we also contribute to increasing the comfort and convenience of the society by offering other vending machines that can be used for employers and different locations.

We are aware of the importance of participating in fairs

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Elektral A.Ş. Erdem Dinçsoy expressed the importance of participating in fairs as follows: “Elektral A.Ş. As, we participate in these fairs to maintain our leadership in our sector and share our innovation. “We aim to contribute to the industry by sharing our innovative products and the experience of our expert team with fair visitors.”

We thank you

We are growing day by day with the interest and support you have shown and we aim to do better for you. We offer our sincere wishes to see you at future fairs and thank you for your interest.

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