Elektral PPE Vending Machine was the Center of Attention at A+A Fair!

A+A Trade Fair will be held at the Düsseldorf event between 24-27 October, where the heart of the occupational health and safety industry beats, with Elektral Inc. We took part with great excitement. This special event was a meeting point offering the opportunity to share the latest trends and innovations in the industry, and our company left its mark at this important event.

PPE Vending Machine

Elektral A.Ş.’nin standı, özellikle sosyal medyanın gündemine oturan “KKD Satış Otomatı” ile büyük ilgi çekti. Bu yenilikçi otomat, İş ve İşçi Güvenliği malzemelerinin depolanması ve dağıtımında devrim niteliğinde çözümler sunarken işverenlere %40’a kadar tasarruf imkanı sağlıyor.

The PPE Vending Machine not only makes personal protective equipment quickly accessible, but also provides detailed reporting to employers with the access control and card-based rights allocation features in the system. These records are stored for 10 years, giving employers the opportunity to monitor and analyze the effectiveness of security measures.

Vision of Elektral A.Ş.

With almost 50 years of experience and references, we remain committed to understanding customer needs and providing the best solutions.

Responsibility for the Comfort of Society

Elektral Inc. , we contribute to increasing the comfort and convenience of society by offering not only products such as PPE Vending Machines, but also other vending machines suitable for employers and different locations. We support this mission with the content we share on digital platforms and interactions via social media.

Dr. Erdem Dinçsoy, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Elektral A.Ş., said that participating in events, “Our innovative products that we share on social media and the expertise of our team contribute to Elektral A.Ş. creating interaction as a digital brand and leading the industry.”


Elektral Inc. We thank you for the interest and support we have received from you. We continue to grow on digital platforms every day and we look forward to interacting with you more. Hope to see you at future fairs!

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